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With energy bills soaring now is the time to seek not just cheaper sources of energy, but to establish an income from your own energy management system.  That’s the strategy driving the growth and success of Hampton Electrical Systems.  They believe in the idea so much, they have fitted Solar Photovoltaic panels on their own property.

The Stroud based electrical specialist secured MCS accreditation as a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installer in November and is already seeing the benefits from its recent projects. 

Solar PV panels provide a clean, sustainable power source, harnessing the sun’s energy to generate electricity and reducing CO2 emissions.  Hampton Electrical design and install Solar PV systems for residential, commercial, farm and community projects, using professional design and analysis software.  

“Solar PV delivers immediate results.  We estimate that for an initial investment of £9k you can receive over £800 a year and this is guaranteed for 25 years,” explains Andy Nott, managing director of Hampton Electrical.  “The Feed- in Tariff payment is index linked and offers a return that’s better than most banks and building societies.  What’s more, you can save money on your electricity bills for years to come.”

People can be put off by the initial cost of installing Solar PVs but the long term financial returns and the contribution to the environment make it economical, sustainable and socially acceptable.

“Solar PV is just one way to secure energy efficiency, but we can work with our customers in commercial and domestic facilities to install better wiring, lighting or building control systems.  We aim to work as a partner with customers and together we provide great value and sustainability,” says Andy Nott.

To prove it, Hampton Electrical is inviting people to visit their property and see Solar PV in action as well as learn about new efficient electrical and building control systems.

For more information, contact  Mr A Nott at Hampton Electrical Systems Ltd

01453 886007,  07770 858707, email:  [email protected]   website

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